Van Marcke no. 1 in Belgium announces the takeover of CFM (Comptoir des Fers et Métaux) no. 1 in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.

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The management of the Van Marcke group announce the takeover of the CFM (Comptoir des Fers et Métaux) company and are expanding its activities in the plumbing and heating sector.

Courtrai, 14 October 2013- The Van Marcke Group is expanding its activities through a takeover in the plumbing and heating sector and announce the takeover of CFM. This company has been on the Luxemburg market since 2004. This acquisition will make a positive contribution to the expansion of the Van Marcke Group in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, where the group is active since 2004 with the company Luxsan.

Since 1920, CFM has been the leading Luxemburg wholesaler in the construction field (plumbing, heating, public works, pipes, roofs and metals). In October 1999, the Comptoir des Fers et Métaux was bought by Wolseley PLC.

The takeover of CFM is proceeding with immediate effect. The hundred employees will still be headed by the current executive, Mr. Cédric Faivre under the direction of Van Marcke.

The takeover will have no impact on the employees of the Luxsan company, of the Van Marcke Group established in Luxembourg with 3 sales outlets and 2 showrooms, which will continue to operate separately, since each of these companies offers its own unique range of products to its customers.

We intend to run CFM as an independent entity in Luxemburg and develop its position as a market leader, just as Van Marcke is doing in Belgium.

In addition, we are going to look into the possibility of making CFM the “logistics centre” of Van Marcke for business in southern Belgium, eastern France and Switzerland (countries in which we also operate).

Synergies will be deployed between the two companies at every level.

Both these companies have the same values.

CFM enjoys an excellent reputation for availability of products and quality of customer service – two fields in which Van Marcke also excels.

The Van Marcke Group

Founded in Courtrai in 1929, the Van Marcke Group conducts its business activities in Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Switzerland, the USA and Malta.
Van Marcke is a specialist wholesaler distributing bathrooms, wellness systems, kitchens, heating installations, plumbing and installation equipment, as well as sustainable solutions for water and heating. The company is the market leader in Belgium.

• Family company
• Ms. Caroline Van Marcke, CEO
• Ms. Carl Van Marcke, Chairperson,
• Mr. Peter Van Marcke non-executive director
• The independent directors: Charles Hertogs and Patrick Van Leynseele
• No. of employees of the company (all countries included) in the field of distribution and services: 1,367
• Consolidated turnover for 2012: €394 million
• Central storage area: 17 hectares
• Number of ‘Van Marcke Inspirations’ showrooms
   o Belgium 18
   o Luxemburg 2
   o France 1
• Number of ‘Van Marcke Technics’ sales outlets
   o Belgium 84 
   o France 19
   o Luxemburg 3
   o Switzerland 1
   o USA 16 (11 in Phœnix, 2 in Tucson, 3 in Las Vegas)
• Number of products: 27,000 products in stock in the central warehouses coming from more than 750 suppliers from all over the world.

• Limited liability company from Luxemburg, founded on 13 February 1920 under the name "Comptoir des Fers et Métaux S.A.", a former branch in Luxemburg of the firm of Julius Sichel & Compagnie of Mayence.
• Mannesmann then remained a shareholder until 1999.
• In October 1999, CFM was bought by Wolseley PLC.
• CFM has a showroom of more than 1,000 m2 and warehouse for professionals in Luxemburg, as well as a second warehouse in Esch-sur-Alzette.
• Over the last four years, CFM generated a turnover of €38 million.

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